Friday, April 27, 2012

Touched OUT

You know what I mean? That moment where you realize you've been touched one too many times during the day? If you don't get it...bully for you...No, really you're blessed if you've never felt that way.  I have a baby that is always climbing all over me or screaming when I walk away or nursing--yeah, I know how rude of her to want to eat-- so by about 3pm I'm done.
This was a super fussy day for this cutie.

My poor hubby, this means that momma is not feeling lovey by the time he makes it home. It happens to be one of the days when I'm touched out, which lead me to wonder: exactly how selfish does that statement make me sound?

Don't get me wrong, It's not a daily thing and I love my kids! I mean look at them:
Aren't they cute?
Watching Star Wars together!
Have you been "Touched Out"? Should I be feeling bad about this? I don't want my kiddos to feel like I don't want them around, because I do, but momma needs some space!

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  1. Girl, that's not selfish or bad. I feel touched out by noon on most days, sometimes, it's from the time I wake up... it just comes with the territory... I'd like to say they grow out of it, but none of mine have yet. Hang in there and take time for you at nap time!