Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Afghans make me want to cry...

I am working on an afghan for my beautiful niece Danielle. She asked me to make it for her and I of course said "Sure!!". That was last year. I said it would take a few weeks. Let me tell you the story of making this afghan. I can't tell you what it looks like because she hasn't seen it so I don't want to give her any clues- First:

I had a terrible time figuring out what pattern I wanted to use. I started the afghan at least 3 times. I figured out what I wanted and got started.
Second: I was about 8 inches into the afghan when I realized that not only did I hate the feel of the yarn but it was giving me a rash where the yarn pulled across my finger as I crocheted. All in my mind? We'll never know.
Third: New yarn. Start again. ALMOST DONE(!!!!) and our dog, who now lives in FL, the cold weather made her sick :( - decided that the afghan would b

e the perfect place to puke. I was livid!(I promise that indecent had nothing to do with her relocation)
Forth: I had to take out a huge chunk of the afghan so that I could get rid of the puke yarn. Luckily it wasn't folded when the dog got sick so it was o

n a very small part...half why down the blanket. *sigh* I still want to cry when I think about how close I was to being done!
Fifth: I am once again almost done. I kid you not if anything happens I will be forced to the conclusion that I was never meant to finish this freaking thin

Oh I almost forgot Danielles younger sister(Brooke) wants one too. So I'll be making one for her as well. The only upside(other than the fact that I love
them both to pieces) is that they are short. I'm 5'8". Danielle at 18 is only 5'2"-ish...so the afghan doesn't have to be quite so long. Yay!!!
I'm really excited to see what she will think of it, my fingers
are crossed that she will love it. Pictures will come
as soon as she gets it and lets me know what she thought.

**Update: She loves it!! Yay! Below are 2 pictures she sent me.

One down, one to go.

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