Sunday, June 12, 2011

If We're Being Honest, Then Honestly...

I'm not the best seamstress. I still have to youtube crochet stitches. Really the only thing of the 3 that I do well is sleep, and I'm not even doing that very well. Being 28 weeks pregnant, comfortable isn't something I am very often. I'm nesting and don't really have anything to nest so to keep my husband from putting me in a straight jacket I have turned to sewing and crocheting...again. Yep, Again. I learned to do both in my teens. I was pretty good at sewing. Crocheting...about all I could do was chain(Yeah, I know impressive).
What have I made the past 10 year(ugh has it really been that long since I was a teen? *Cringe*)
1)Skirt-my son was 2. I still have it
2)Dress-Never finished it was a horrible color on me!
3)Lap quilt-It had some seam issues, Oh we were being honest, it has seam issues but it's warm.
4)Twin size quilt- For my son- I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown(more about that later)
5)Window seat pillow-to match my sons quilt
6)Cloth baby wipes-You read that right.
7)Baby quilt-didn't get to the breakdown stage, until the binding part.
8)Car Seat Canopy-Really proud of that one!
Go ahead and do the math, yep. That's less than one thing a year. Actually 2 of those were made in the past 2 weeks. I just get more and more impressive.
About 4 baby blankets 4 or so years ago. One I was making for my niece when she's born...4 years ago *hangs head in shame*.
A few pot holders and dish cloths
In the last few months:
1)A hooded baby blanket(so cute!)
2)A brimmed baby hat with my first ever crocheted flower
3)A shell baby beanie with a freaking awesome crocheted flower
In Progress:
1)Scarf-I'm making for my hubby for Christmas...last year, I should just keep my head down until this post is over so much shame!
2)Afghan- For my 18 year old niece...There is a good reason it's not done yet. No, really there is.

Well, there you have it. I'm not some awesome seamstress and I can't crochet in record time but I do my best. I have been pretty proud of the things I've made and the way I see it is the more I do these things the better I'll get. Maybe I'll work up to making my own clothing patterns....that scares me. Really it does. I like having someone else telling me how to make things...if I get it wrong I can blame someone else! Ha!
Stay tuned I'll be posting some of the things I've made and talking about how I did it. As well as where you can find the tutorials I used for some of the projects.

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