Monday, June 13, 2011

The pillow that matchs the quilt that nearly did me in...

There it is. It's not that impressive but it does the job. I used some fiber filler that I had on hand. I plan on filling it with more just as soon as I remember to buy more(don't hold your breath, I'm lucky to remember my name some days). I had thought about using foam but when I priced the thicker pieces it was just not in my budget. That stuff is expensive! The bottom is just the solid blue that I used for the quilt backing. The top is 2 pieces of fabric sewn together(right in the middle). I'm still not sure how I ended up with that much extra fabric. Now my son would like his walls painted not going to happen. I guess it's debatable if this was a sewing success or fail. I think it will look more like a success once I put more filling in it. Then it wont look so much like a deflated balloon.

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