Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I finally finished

I've been crocheting a scarf for my husband for about 8 months...it was supposed to be a Christmas gift. Yes, it would seem I'm a tad late. I had stopped working on it, not really sure why. The day after Christmas we found out we were expecting our second child. I was sick for 4 months...during those months I did a whole lot of nothing. Well aside from strengthening my "friendship" with the toilet, good times.
Anyway, I have started making hats and blankets for our little girl on the way. While going through my yarn stash I came across the scarf and decided to finish it up. Yay, I finished last night! Now my son wants one. Awesome.
My hubby there on the right is modeling the scarf. I must say I'm pretty proud of it!
Have you had a project that was set to the side and forgotten? Whats the longest you've had one sit?

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  1. I hang my head every time I look at a rubbermaid tub in my closet. I started making an afghan for hubby when we were engaged (10 yrs ago, it is not finished and probably won't be for a long time yet. Maybe when my 2-1/2yr old twin girls marry and move out....In my defense though, hubby is 6'4 and I am making it at least that long and it will be double bed wide so that we can both snuggle underneath it together. :-) ~R